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Case Studies 

  • 9 Mars, Theme Restaurant, Shipra Mall - Indirapuram, Delhi NCR

      Have you ever fantasized to evolve from Homo sapiens to Mars inhabitants and to have a party on the planet Mars, of course you did. Futomic design services Pvt. Ltd has materialized your fantasy by presenting you with the stand-alone and ultra fascinating restaurant called 9 Mars. The whole setup has been dedicated to the Martian theme and vehemently speaks of the planet Mars. It is located at Shipra Mall, Indipuram, Delhi NCR and was designed 3 years back.

    Futomic Designs - 9 Mars Theme RestaurantFutomic Designs - 9 Mars Theme Restaurant

      This restaurant has received huge accolades for the mesmerizing theme work done in it. The entire floor has been imbibed with red lava flooring to create the illusion of lit up lava. The USP of the restaurant which grabs every visitor’s attention is the stunning giant bar fabricated in the shape of space shuttle. A fabulous artistic skill has been presented in the encoding done on the bar in Martian language. It certainly is the centre of attraction and to heighten the experience of sipping on your favorite wine, proper amount of lighting has been done.

     In the restaurant you will notice countable numbers of adorable and enticing small-sized Unidentified flying objects (UFOs) suspended from the ceiling. It surely will be an exotic experience when you visit the restaurant as the complete décor will appear relishing to your eyeballs. The entire furniture including tables, sofa, chairs, etc excellently support the theme and elegantly exaggerate the feel of Mars. The blend of silver, black and red lights have been spread across the complete setup and subtly speak of the Mars theme. The family lounge area has been beautified with the alien themed entrance and you can definitely spend an amazing time with your family out there. The urge of FDS to deliver outstanding projects has helped in generating a never-seen-before restaurant with a hypnotizing ambience.

     A special attention has been given to the DJ floor and which has resulted in an unbelievably eye catching output. The DJ dance floor looks highly attractive with the unique design of a colour changing circle at the centre surrounded with 3 concentric colour changing circular layers. Various alien textures have been adorned on the wall to bring in the Mars theme. This Martian themed area is sure to bring the alien out of your soul and to evidently enhance your enjoyment. The Luxury factor has been thoroughly maintained and this highlights the stupendous work of Top Theme Restaurant Interior Designers in India.

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