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  • Whether to Hire Freelancers or a Big Design Company?

    Interior Designer - Futomic Designs

     If you have been looking forward to get you dream home constructed or renovated, here is some information which will definitely benefit you. In order to choose the best Interior Designers in India you will need to consult big design companies, small design agencies or freelancers. In order for you to choose the best for your home project, we would recommend you to go through the points below:


    * Sizes of the Projects : The big design companies generally take the projects of 3 BHK or more as they possess sufficient workforce and resources to administer big projects. If you are looking for a small size house of small space with 1-2 BHK or so, you can consult a freelancer.


    * Quality : If luxury is your lifestyle and you would like to happily flaunt your house then a big design company is exactly what you need to approach .As big design companies have more responsibility to craft and maintain their reputation, the efforts put in are undoubtedly high, thus resulting in higher quality output. It cannot be denied that even the freelancers give in their best, but due to lack of workforce and sufficient planning the quality is compromised to an extent.


    * Budget : Though all the customers are equally valuable for the big design companies, the focus still lies on big projects, as they are economically sound and the clients are willing to invest deliberately in their dream home. Whereas low budget projects of a few thousands are done by the freelancers. If big budget projects are handled by the freelancers, there are chances that the client may end up spending more than required in the long run.


    * Unique ideas and designs : Big design companies have the capacity and capability to make you stand out of the league. The extraordinary skilled workforce consistently keeps inventing new ideas and designs, which offers you with numerous choices. In cases of the freelancers, as not much research work is done, there are possibilities of repetition in designs.


    * Enduring Interiors : The surety for long lasting interiors can be given only by the big design companies as they know the value of long term business with the clients better and the materials that they use can be relied upon.


    * International Sourcing : Geographical barriers don’t hamper the big companies in importing materials from around the globe. And thus the clients are made available with the best materials in the market. Whereas the freelancers don’t reach out to the foreign markets easily.


    * Management Responsibility : The big companies have a project manager who takes care of all the aspects of the project, whereas if you hire freelancers you may need to take the burden of managing the things yourself.


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