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  • Turnkey vs. Design only for Home Interiors / Office / Restaurant

    Interior Designer - Futomic Designs

     It cannot be denied that Interior designing is such an aspect which cannot be missed. The ambience and beauty of any building, residential or corporate, depends on the way it has been designed.

    When we talk of interior designing, we should be aware of the terms known as ‘design only’ and ’turnkey interior designing’. There is a ‘third category’ which is more in demand at present due to its multi-functionality such as designing, managing of the project, vendor monitoring, etc which is being used by the Top Interior Designers in India, Futomic Designs.

    To understand better about how the design only, turnkey and the third category differ in the various terms, go through the points listed below :


    * Planning : As every point is kept in consideration while fabricating the prediction model in turnkey, the schedule is provided in advance and sometimes even the final project is delivered before the discussed time. In design only, the planning is done only for the design portion of the work. The Third category holds the benefit of both the turnkey and the design only. The high end planning involved in this category offers you the most exclusive results.


    * One Step Solution : As everything including material quality, designs, budget, cost management, time period of completion, etc is discussed at the same step. Thus the third category has one step solution. In design only, the focus is on the designing of the building, whether residential or commercial. Whereas in turnkey the different portions of the project are discussed separately.


    * Cost Cutting : The third category projects are generally handled by the companies having well-established contacts to purchase materials at bulk rates from the contractor and can offer you the best costs for them. Even overall cost may be cut down as everything from the beginning to the end is handled by the same company. The turnkey projects have somehow the same to offer, but the scope of cost cutting reduces due to more focus on their margin. In design only, the overall cost is not a concern, so the cost of the materials used in designing is all what you can negotiate with.


    * Material Specification : Proper meeting is conducted to discuss the long process of construction management and designing. The materials being used are elaborately discussed about with the client and the specifications are adhered to. In the third category, the final purchase of the material is done by the client only. Whereas in the turnkey, the purchase is made by the company itself due to the commission involved. In design only, you can specify the materials to be used in designs after discussion with the designer.


    * Day To Day Site Management : The vendor management program is one of the most important features of the third category. Proper monitoring of the vendors is done to come up with the best results. In the turnkey projects, the site is daily kept under supervision till the completion of the project and thus result is quite favorable. Day to day site management is not required and thus generally not done in design only.


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