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Case Studies 

  • Curry in a Hurry - Zambia

    Curry in a Hurry is Much Beyond an Indian Themed Restaurant in Zambia

      Through this fusion Indian themed restaurant, Futomic Design Services creates an exemplar for NRIs intending to propagate Indian cuisine on an offshore terra firma. Curry in a Hurry offers an elaborate glimpse of both ancient and modern cultures of Hindustan in the heart of Zambia.

    Curry in a Hurry – Zambia

    Some of the finest mélange of traditional and modern Indian theme can be gazed at the backlit wall holding an intricately designed wooden chakra in the middle with carved elephant trunks on both sides. The Jaipuri themed jharokas on the walls with 3D farm paintings of farms of Punjab creates an illusion of windows depicting beautiful landscapes of the Indian countryside. Each of the walls and pillars is impeccably hemmed with delicate jali work and golden murals of elephants, both based on the royal palaces of Udaipur theme.

    Curry in a Hurry – Zambia

    Coming to the ceiling, the painstakingly carved giant chakra in the middle reminding of the popular caves and monuments of India has been blended with avant-gardism through a large stylish chandelier hanging from its centre. Various other shapes complement the round chakra with different backlit hard acrylic illuminated blocks suspended from the ceiling.

    Curry in a Hurry – Zambia

    Another thing that catches immediate attention is the artistic and plush seating arrangements that come with rustic tables with white chakras and rich beige upholstered chairs having chakra carved back support. Meanwhile, the dense meshwork in wood does the work of creating partition in the seating area.

    Curry in a Hurry – Zambia

    While the beige waiting counter, done with jali carved elephants is counterpartyed with elegant stools, the take away counter is finished with backlit meshwork. All in all, the entire beige and golden ambiance from wooden flooring to the artistically designed ceiling, clearly portrays the eye for detailing advantage of the FDS maestros.

    What the FDS team coveys by designing this particular project is the variety of themes to choose from when deciding to go for an Indian themed restaurant abroad. From Jammu & Kashmir to Kanyakumari, the top theme restaurant designers in India goes to elaborate on any theme that brings out the best of Indian culture, that encompasses not just the ancient one but also the most contemporary one! If you too have the desire to own a theme-based restaurant, let us stretch our hands to you!

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