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Case Studies 

  • Pearl Grand, Galaxy

    Roman Themed Banquet Hall: A Wonder of Wonders

      To think something out of the box has always been a latent trait of the top theme interior designers of India, Futomic Design Services, Pvt. Ltd. This time the maestros have come up with Pompeii and Herculaneum depictions. By picking up Roman theme for the basement and ground floors of Pearl Grand Banquet Galaxy, located in East Delhi, FDS has presented an art, the reference of which is found in literature only.

    The Walls

    Roman Themed Banquet Hall

    A close look at the interiors reveals every single element to own something unique. The walls have given plenty of opportunities to incorporate as many intricate elements as possible comprising of rich panels, a typical feature of Roman interiors. The opulent panels in golden are ornamented with painstakingly carved frames, stucco work in earthy tones, brilliant infusions of floral arabesques in mosaic patterns and beautiful inlay work on wood. The wainscoting wall holds diverse sized Roman paintings, some of which remind us of the ‘Darius at the Battle of Isus’. The jeweled ambiance is artistically ransacked with 3D murals and statues in full size.

    The design elements have intricate borders with Roman carvings. To bring the real art effect the lower part of the wainscot comprise of convoluted rectangles some having elaborate golden carvings while some with backlit effect. Every layer has a different designto complement the Roman theme. The dome shaped Roman architecture with intricately carved motifs with glass patterns and granite finishes gives the Roman themed banquet hall a complete jewel look.

    The Mandap

    Roman Themed Banquet Hall

    The stage has been given equally artistic treatment with 3D boards that look to be all gold plated. The four carved cherubs (angelic figures popular in ancient Roman theme) at the back stand as a blessing symbol for the newlywed couples. The wallpaper at the back with golden carvings in elaborate designs and different mirror finishes give a jewel like effect. The typical Roman columns draped with copper coated inlay work have been recreated with the same level of craftsmanship the Romans used to do in the original times.

    The Ceiling & The Floor

    Roman Themed Banquet Hall

    The vaulted ceiling is stunningly ornate with richly paneled designs in diverse geometric shapes, from stars and squares to rounds and rectangles. The typical Roman styled ceiling is adorned with lot of carvings, golden borders and beadings, coves and backlights. The light of the twenty grandiose chandeliers is reflected on the impeccably polished floor with marble inlay along with tiles.

    The Bar & The Buffet Counters

    Roman Themed Banquet Hall

    The bar counter with granite finish encompasses two beautiful statues with neatly covered finishes along with proper rack to keep bottles. The buffet counter has been given the same effect to complement the concept.

    The Roman themed banquet hall stands as an example of one of the finest craftsmanship ever showcased by any of the theme interior designers of the world. Once again, FDS presents to the world a class-apart theme and an artistic knack to wonder!

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