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  • 10 Design Tips for the Ultimate Bathroom

      When all else fails, take a bath! A bathroom is a place to relax and recharge, the room where you start and end your day. So it should be designed as beautifully, as any other room of your home. Here are some design tips which will help you design your dream bathroom.

    1. Bathtub :

     Stylish bathtubs are the main focus of the bathroom, enhancing the overall style of your room. According to expert luxury interior designers at FDS, you don’t necessarily need to invest in a big bath tub, a 60-inch tub is fine for most people. Look for a bathtub with an angled back, neck support and which provides secure foothold, as when the tub is full, you don’t want to float into oblivion.

    Bathroom Design Tips

    2. Flooring :

     Bathroom floor needs to be attractive but slip-resistant too. Ceramic, mosaic tiles, chips of tumbled marble and stones are the good options for bathroom flooring. Where finely polished stones can be slippery, ceramic tiles are ideal for bathroom use, being the most waterproof. Designers at FDS suggest selecting tiles having a slip-resistant finish and which are easy to care for.

    Bathroom  Design Tips

    3. Mirror :

     Hang an exquisite and stylish mirror to enhance the overall bathroom design. A mirror stretched across the wall, can enable two people to use it and will double the feeling of space. Try to place a light just above the mirror and wall-mount lights on both sides at about eye level. This arrangement eliminates shadow and illuminates your face instead of the mirror. You can always supplement it with an adjustable makeup mirror for the extra ease.

    Bathroom  Design Tips

    4. Color Scheme :

     Color has the power to energize and to soothe, to wake you up and calm you down. Select the color theme wisely, blues and neutrals create a peaceful environment while yellow and reds warm things up. Bright wallpapers and patterned tiles are a great way to give your Bathroom’s Interior Design a stylish look. Overall color personality of the room can be enhanced by incorporating complementing hues in the cabinetry wood, stone tile, sink, tub, floor tiles and walls.

    Bathroom  Design Tips

    5. Vanity/Storage :

     According to FDS team, for an overall clean look, go for custom cabinets and shelving providing extra storage. A floating vanity is an amazing idea to visually make the room appear bigger which also frees up some space for small items. Install a tall storage cabinet to maximize vertical storage and saving floor space. Experiment a bit with vintage basket style storage, free standing storage or crate shelving.

    Bathroom  Design Tips

    6. Lighting :

     Team of FDS suggest trying to incorporate natural light as much as you can, as bright bathrooms are warmer and more enticing. Where natural light cannot be incorporated, try ambient lighting. Use ceiling mounted fixtures or add charm with chandeliers and pendant lights. Choose vapor-proof down lights for showers and tubs.

    Bathroom  Design Tips

    7. Stylish Fixtures :

     From stylish crystal ship chandelier, splendid sconces, classic claw-foot bathtub to exquisite artwork, do not hesitate, to play a little. A stylish fixture can amplify the charm of your bathroom design beautifully. Choose fixtures which are water resistant, easy to clean and go with the overall theme, color and Interior Design of your bathroom.

    Bathroom  Design Tips

    8. Ventilation :

     Cross ventilation is best for wet areas like bathrooms. Hopper windows exhaust and ventilation tubes are some good options for bathroom design. Keep in mind, windows cannot be closed off completely. Ventilation fan models that include lights and infrared heating panels are more practical.

    Bathroom  Design Tips

    9. Amenities :

     Pamper yourself by incorporating different facilities in your dream bathroom. Fireplace, television, sound systems and a beverage centre are some of the amenities that will make your bathroom the perfect place, to spend leisure time in. Try thermostatic valves, electric floor heat, humidistat fan, hand-wired makeup mirror or fancy commodes to enhance the bathroom design.

    Bathroom  Design Tips

    10. Overall layout :

     Lay emphasis on the overall look of the bathroom. To make your bath more inviting, use accessories and towels to layer color and patterns. Enhance the Interior Design by investing in stylish shower curtains, instead of a glass door. Give the toilet some privacy, and set your bathroom with the view of vanity.

    Bathroom  Design Tips

     We hope these design tips will help you design your bathroom extraordinarily. FDS, having the team of best luxury interior designers in India can help you design your bathroom in a marvelous style. Contact us to design your dream bathroom.


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