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Design Tips 

  • Bedroom Design Tips

      A bedroom is the heart and soul of your home, where you spend most of your time. It should be designed in an extraordinary way that is luxurious yet functional. It should serve all your needs and impart comfort as well. Make the most of your bedroom with these quick tips to design your bedroom in the most exclusive way.

    1. Choose the Right Bed :

     Bed is the focal point of the bedroom, it should be comfortable and luxurious, don’t compromise on quality. Choose the right height and material, decide the type of bed you want canopy beds are perfect for romantic feel while floating beds create a modish look. Select the headboard accordingly, leather, metal or velvet, it should match with the overall Interior Designs of the room. It will be great to get a bed designed, as you can choose the color, pattern and fabric exactly how your bedroom demands.

    Bedroom Interior Designers

    2. Designer Furniture :

     Design your bedroom in a way that serves all your morning to night-time needs. Purchase stylish extras like chairs, designer ottomans and LED console matching with the bedroom theme or you can also mix and match to create a new look. According to best luxury interior designers at FDS, ottomans play an important role in adding to the overall style factor to the room also serving as additional seating place.

    Bedroom Interior Designers

    3. Color and Pattern :

     Try to incorporate all articles in your bedroom in a single color palette, be it green hues or pastels. Interior Designers balance two major colors in window treatments, curtains, rugs, table lamps or wallpapers to increase the wow factor. If you want to paint your room in a single subtle color, you can splash a little color through vibrant hued articles. While if you want to color your room in crimson, balance the mood by choosing articles with subtle shades.

    Bedroom Interior Designers

    4. Window Ideas :

     Lay emphasis on both functional and decorative needs while doing window treatment. A bedroom window should lighten up the room in the morning and should provide privacy in the night. Choose draperies or blinds in the right material and color complementing the theme and Interior Design of bedroom so that they form a unified look. Draperies in dual color tone go wonderfully with rooms in subtle shade.

    Bedroom Interior Designers

    5. Glamorous Mirrors :

     Mirrors are beautiful way of enhancing the charm as well as the overall look of the room. Use designer acrylic dresser mirrors, long rectangular mirror placed on the floor for depth or oversize fancy mirror to make a room feel larger. Interior designers at FDS suggest placing the mirror smartly as they reflect light and radiate high-style luxury feel in your bedroom.

    Bedroom Interior Designers

    6. Art-Work :

     Art work is very necessary for your bedroom as it brings life to your room. Choosing the art-work wisely according to the feel you want to create is the forte of Top Luxury interior Designers. Cherished collections, amazing art-work, artifacts or designer imported articles, every single article in your bedroom should reflect your style and individuality. Place them over the bed, keeping in mind their distance from the headboard or around the mirror.

    Bedroom Interior Designers

    7. Wonderful Closet :

     Choose an appropriate closet for your bedroom, keep in mind how much storage you would need and where. Different designer closets are available in market, choose the one which fulfill your needs and complement the Bedroom Design. You can also get it designed along with the bed to give your bedroom an exquisite look. Wardrobes with mirror on the doors serve dual purpose and make the room a bigger feel as well.

    Bedroom Interior Designers

    8. Stylish Lighting :

     A bedroom should be well illuminated. Top luxury interior designers at FDS think out of the box with wall mounted chandeliers or exclusive light fixtures for an exquisite look. The mirror and closet area should be well illuminated with designer lights. Windows can do wonders, filling your bedroom with the golden light and warmth and the bedside lamps should be chosen wisely.

    Bedroom Interior Designers

    9. Flooring :

     Flooring is one of the most important areas to be taken care of while talking about the bedroom. There are several flooring options like wooden flooring, Italian tiles and marble. Eucalyptus Hardwood can make a great contrast with subtle colors or you can opt for concrete flooring for a lustrous look and if you want a durable flooring option for your Bedroom Design you can go for Italian Marble flooring. Shaggy rugs are a whimsical way to add lively feel in your room.

    Bedroom Interior Designers

    10. Fresh feel :

     Try to imbibe a fresh feel in your bedroom, welcoming nature with green elements. A vase with fresh flowers, a nature inspired artwork or glass windows inviting nature inside your bedroom are some wonderful ways to feel fresh every morning. Team of FDS say, a bedroom should be designed so as you never get bored of it. They say if you like your living space, you are a happy person.

    Top Bedroom Interior Designers

     The advantageous information above will surely help you design your bedroom in a marvelous way. We at Futomic Design Services, have a team of top luxury interior designers in India who can design your dream bedroom in a way that you would never want to leave it.


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