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  • 10 Tips to Add Christmas Spirit to Your Home Interiors

      The countdown for Christmas has already begun. The festive fervor must be stimulating you to add some fun to your home interiors. All you need is to let the creative one within you to come out! Here are some tips to help you quickly infuse some Christmas aura to your home decor without disturbing your pockets.

    1. Deck Up Your Entry Way

     Accent your front door by hanging lanterns, showing off your plants and using bows of broad ribbons. Twinkling lights at the entryway accompanied with a red carpet look created with a runner made of tartan fabric and green burlap is a great way to put up a big show within a limited time!

    2. Drape Garland Around Columns

     Columns are not just for providing support to your home! This Xmas, make the most of your columns by wrapping them with green garlands. Use twinkling lights along with the garlands to add to the beauty.

    3. Embellish the Staircase

     If you are blessed with a staircase, consider it as an excellent excuse to add some extra charm to your home interiors this Christmas. Envelope the handrail of your staircase with green garlands with golden bows popping out!

    4. Add Charm to Your Windows with Decorations

     Hanging decorations to your windows can be a sweet initiative to deck up your adobe this festive season. Swing a pair of red cardinals on a log adorned with greens all around to create a winter scene at the bare window.

    5. Cluster All Your Silver

     Add sparkle and shine to your home by grouping all your silver at a display area. Be it pure silver, sterling silver, German silver or mercury glass, a cluster of all accentuated with winter greens, can decorate your home to the nines!

    6. Dress Up Your Chairs

     Enveloping each of your chairs with a layer of burlap, tartan and red ribbon, topped with a pair of peacock feathers and held together with a big laundry pin can go a long way in bringing the Christmas feel to your home.

    7. Adorn Your Space with Peacock Feathers

     How about dressing up a space with lots of peacock feathers for making a statement? Embellish using mirrored ornaments, foil painted dry leaves, big pinecones, shells, stars and oversized bow. This simple yet clever idea can add an unusual look to your home during Christmas.

    8. Use Floating Candles

     Take out your crystal or glass tray from your showcase, fill it partly with water and lighted floating candles and place it on your centre table to create a special ambiance at home during the time of Xmas.

    9. Amaze with a Disco Ball

     This Christmas, let Disco ball enter your home to create the ‘wow’ factor for your guests. Let it hang from the ceiling with its long ribbon tendrils to throw a party look to your drawing space. This simple tip works wonders!

    10. Make an Arrangement with Fruit and Greenery

     When it’s the time of experimenting with new and pocket-friendly ideas to bring some cheer to your home, preparing an interesting arrangement by using a glass jar filled up with a layer each of limes, cherries and oranges and topped with stems of greenery, can be a good idea to let the Christmas spirit enter your home.
    These simple and pocket friendly tricks are sure to bring a new look to your home throughout the festive period. These ‘do-it-yourself’ tips are wonderful if you are not in a mood to spend anything extra. However, if you have been longing to offer yourself a home of luxurious


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