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  • Home Decor Tips on New Year

      Bid farewell to old and monotonous home decorating ideas. Create a festive cheer in your home on this New Year’s Eve with these crafty decoration ideas. Let’s welcome 2015 by fostering a cheerful ambiance in your home with these pocket-friendly and amazing tips.

    1. Bright Entrance :

     It’s a New Year! Welcome your guests and 2015 in a bright and warm manner. Hanging a bunch of decorative bells with shiny ribbons at your door will not only add to the celebration but will give the outdoor’s design an artistic look as well. Team of FDS say hanging an impressive New Year banner or using a bright hued runner instead of a door mat can be a good idea this year!

    New Year Design Tips

    2. Buy Something New :

     New Year calls for new memories and new aspirations, why not adorn your home interior design with something new too! Buy a unique wall clock, some modern artwork or a designer fixture for the foyer. Change those old lampshades with exquisite drop lights or maybe you need sconces near the mirror too. After all, your home needs a change too…

    New Year Design Tips

    3. Color it Bright :

     For changing the look of your home, you don’t necessarily need to repaint the whole of it, just a wall in a bright color can do wonders. Now make this wall a focal point of the room by adding some unique artwork to it, also adding to the interior design of the room. You can also try changing the wallpapers of your home or cover them with interesting details.

    New Year Design Tips

    4. Change the Picture :

     This year is about to faint away and so are the memories! This time change the pictures in all the photo frames in your home. Place different pictures and change some of those old photo frames too. This simple and handy update can change the overall feel of the home. Top luxury interior designers at FDS suggest buying colorful photo frames for candid pictures of kids and classy ones for special memories like your wedding.

    New Year Design Tips

    5. Bring Nature Nome :

     Bring nature home with houseplants, fresh flower vases and small flower pots. Imbibe colors and freshness in your home by getting rid of those boring earthen flower pots. Either paint them in bright colors or bring home some new flower pots. You can even use faux flowers to enhance New Year decoration, reason being they are beautiful and timeless.

    New Year Design Tips

    6. Soft Furnishings :

     This is a really pocket friendly and amazing idea to refresh your home to welcome a New Year. Simply add some fun throw cushions with abstract patterns or change the covers of existing ones to create a new look. Top Interior Designers at FDS recommend to mix and match bedding, curtains and even rugs in different colors to create a splendid look.

    New Year Design Tips

    7. Embrace Ethnicity :

     Embrace the rich color and texture of Indian ethnic style by buying an antique for your living room or bedroom. Adorn your Home Interior Design with some traditional artifacts, it can be a jharokha style mirror from Rajasthan, bamboo coasters from Kerala, Katha work cushion covers or a Radha-Krishna painting on marble Plate.

    New Year Design Tips

    8. Sayings and Quotes :

     Writing something on the walls is not that bad of an idea! You can fill the empty walls with sayings, above the mirror, on a blank wall, in your walk-in closet, in the kitchen, above the baby’s cot or on the shower curtains. FDS team suggests choosing those quote stickers you will never get bored with.

    New Year Design Tips

    9. Do It Yourself :

     For all the DIY lovers, there are a lot of projects that can transform your home in a brilliant way, says FDS Team. Look at the open shelves in your home and decorate the shelves with lace to give it an amazing look. You can dip bottom of big white candles in different color dies and they will act as stunning center pieces. You can also use some inexpensive hexagon mirrors and arrange them in interesting pattern to adorn an empty wall.

    New Year Design Tips

    10. Something Unusual :

     Expert Luxury Interior designers at FDS suggest, placing an unusual and crazy article in your home. Be it an oversize object like a big globe on floor, a quirky statue in the study, an upside down mirror in the bathroom or a hammock in bedroom, it is sure to enhance the charm of your home. Unique furniture items also speak for themselves, do something unique this year!

    New Year Design Tips

     With these amazing tips, we hope you will decorate your home in an absolutely whimsical manner. FDS with its team of Expert Luxury Interior Designers wish you a very Happy New Year & Happy Decorating!


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