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Design Tips 

  • Top 10 Design Tips for a Restaurant:

      A restaurant should not only serve delectable cuisine, but a feel of luxury to its customers. A Restaurant’s Interior Design should be amazingly unique, so that people like to visit it more often. Here are a few tips, how you can design your restaurant to make it the talk of the town.

    1. Noticable Entrance :

     Make sure the entrance of your restaurant is designed exquisitely. Only when people will know about your restaurant, they will come to the restaurant. Make it catchy and unique with the name displayed bold enough for people to observe it. Design it according to the type of restaurant. A Sea Food Restaurant can have a shell shaped entrance door or a Jungle Themed Restaurant can have a cave shaped entrance.

    Restaurant Interior Designers

    2. Focus on Target Clients :

     While designing the restaurant, keep in mind the target customers you want to serve. For instance, if your target clientele is youth, you can experiment with anything. Bold color schemes, peppy furniture, a bar corner, funky wall art or bold lighting. It just has to be trendy and stylish. Different themes can be tried like a Sci-Fi Themed Restaurant, a Halloween Themed Restaurant, a Forest Themed Restaurant, a Tiki Bar or even an Aqua Themed Restaurant.

    Famous Interior Designers

    3. Lighting is Very Essential :

     According to top luxury interior designers at FDS, lighting is the tone and feel of the place. A tabletop filled with a pool of light in a semi dark room can do wonders, if you want to create an intimate space. Designer light fixtures can be used for a unique look, like an Italian restaurant calls for pole lighting and classic candle sconces on the wall. Neon lights can be used to give the place a funky look. Using scented candles can add wonderful lighting and aroma in the air.

    Restaurant Interior Designers in India

    4. Exclusive Artwork :

     Select artwork wisely, complementing the overall theme or feel of the restaurant. FDS would recommend you to use gigantic artwork as it can do wonders to the overall ambiance. Choose large pieces to fill the space. Graffiti can be a cheap and a smart way to decorate your restaurant. A great way to add tranquility to the dining environment is adding water features. Many water features can also be customized according to the company logo.

    Restaurant Interior Designers in Gurgaon

    5. Color Scheme :

     A skillfully used color scheme can enhance the overall look & feel of the place. You can choose different color schemes for different sections of the restaurant or a unified color all over, whichever suits the mood you want to create. An excellent color theme is the forte of expert luxury interior designers. Family restaurants look good in pastel colors, while pubs or discs should have vibrant hues. The color scheme should be in accordance to the furniture you will use and the target customers you want to serve.

    Restaurant Interior Designers in Noida

    6. Put Your Old Stuff to Use :

     If yours is a small restaurant, you can put your old stuff to use. Old glass bottles can be decorated in satin with ribbons and can be used as candle holders. The old material in your home like pale floral printed vases can be used, if you have a vintage style Restaurant design. Decorate your small restaurant will all the tiny old things you have, to give it a personal touch that your customers will remember for long.

    Restaurant Interior Designers

    7. A Good Table Mix :

     Analyze your target customers to determine the right blend of tables. Mix up the 2, 4 and 6 top tables according to the type of restaurant. More 6 tops are needed in family restaurants and more 2 tops are needed in pubs and discotheques. A perfect Interior Design should pay heed to every individual’s need, a little privacy for couples, open space for family and silent corners for business meetings.

    Restaurant Interior Designers in Delhi

    8. Experiment

     Don’t take your step back in trying something new. A little experiment here and there is always good. Try out a new theme, or a story inspired interior. Catchy window displays will invite the passer-by to your restaurant. Be it modern art, a haphazard furniture setup or artifacts, top Interior designers suggest playing around a little as far as it looks nice but don’t make it messy.

    Modern Restaurant Interior Designers

    9. Theme :

     Come up with an amazingly unique theme for your restaurant that stands out of the crowd. People always search for something new, benefit yourself with a trending food or cuisine, rising popularity of tea, healthy fast food or the growing love for Italian food. Try out themes like Airplane restaurant theme, cruise themed restaurant, caged tree house themed restaurant, rainforest themed restaurant, jungle themed restaurant, wood tornado theme or robotic theme restaurant.

    Leading Restaurant Interior Designers

    10. Kitchen :

     Kitchen is the heart of the restaurant, where your menu comes to life. You can design your restaurant kitchen with a unique service window or glass doors. Clients find it fascinating to watch the working of a restaurant kitchen, say expert luxury interior designers at Futomic. Invest in a stylish shelf, if planning an open kitchen. Keep the kitchen well illuminated with proper ventilation.

    Top Restaurant Interior Designers


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