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Case Studies 

  • Walk in the Woods, Theme Restaurant, Vaishali, Delhi NCR

    Walk in the Woods – ‘A Jungle & Cave Theme Restaurant’

      With an idea to revolutionize the norms and to create an exotic Jungle theme restaurant, Futomic Design Services Pvt. Ltd. has come up with a one of its kind and miraculously astonishing design for Walk in the Woods Restaurant situated in Vaishali. As soon as you step in the restaurant, the enticing scenario is sure to leave you mesmerized. The lush greenery fused with a hardcore adherence to the jungle theme has presented Delhi NCR with the most amazing and the only jungle theme based restaurant.

    Futomic Designs - Walk in the WoodsFutomic Designs - Walk in the Woods Futomic Designs - Walk in the WoodsFutomic Designs - Walk in the Woods

      The restaurant has an exclusive area named as ‘Machan’, which is specially designed by our Expert Interior Designers, keeping in mind the comfort of love birds who keep hunting for romantic privacy. This zone has been fabricated to instill a rendezvous feel for the couples. To not to miss out the jungle theme in this zone, the walls have been marvelously adorned with cave claddings. Pebble tiles have been used in flooring to enhance the jungle effect. For the embellishment of the complete setup, ample amount of greenery has been added. FDS has displayed its identity of excellence in the whole area.

     The irreplaceable Ajanta Ellora themed dinning zone crafted for family dinners is sure to leave all the visitors spellbound. Undoubtedly, it is another excellent project proving us to be the Best Restaurant Interior designers. Skillfully Crafted cave claddings are beautifully spread throughout the walls and ceilings of this zone. Elegant decorations have been done in here using the sculptures and paintings of Ajanta Ellora complemented with eye-catching greenery, thus totally justifying the Ajanta Ellora inspired forest theme. All accessories have been wisely used to add up to the feel of the complete ambience.

     FDS has also created and designed an adorable kiddy zone, which is inspired by the jungle book. The cuteness factor has been thoroughly kept in consideration by our Theme Interior Designers while designing the zone. The ceiling is beautifully painted with cartoonish clouds and moon to give an exceptional kiddy look to the zone. The rest of the wall are covered with the paintings of Mowgli, Bagheera, baloo and other small animals to go by the jungle book theme. The pretty looking table and chair arrangements, crafted in the shape of flowers and its petals complemented with the small statue of mowgli add up to the childish charm of this zone. The green element is used excessively in the painting to catalyze the jungle effect. Currently it is one of the most sought after theme restaurant in Delhi NCR, because it has been imbibed with complete elements of fun.

     We have gifted the complete restaurant with an unmatchable international look. If you are planning to hangout with your loved ones, family or your kids, Walk in the woods is the best option of the theme based restaurant in the whole Delhi NCR.

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